Aeris Aerobic

If you're looking for a septic system that's good all the way around, consider the Aeris Aerobics Septic System, created by the Dulworth brothers out of Texas. The system, with a tank available in six different sizes, preserves water resources by reclaiming the water you use for things like laundry, dishes, and showers. Call 936-634-9222 now to speak to one of our expert staff!



How It Works

Aeris works by taking advantage of oxygen-loving bacteria that process more waste faster and produce cleaner wastewater. How clean? The water generated from an Aeris system is pure and odorless enough to use for your lawn-even if you live near a natural body of water.

The Aeris system is great for

Small lots
Lots with pools, patios, and mature trees
Areas with clay, wet soil, or rocky conditions
Homes where traditional septic systems will not work



  • A one-piece tank, reducing the chance of water infiltration and leaks
  • Made from concrete, more durable than fiberglass & more affordable to install
  • A thicker bottom - four inches thick - to prevent cracks
  • Quality parts chosen by owners based on their many years of experience
  • A quiet, external aeration unit that also costs less to run than other options
  • No internal filters-and no filter expense
  • Fewer relays and sensors for fewer false alarms
  • A larger pump, which gives a cleaner tank and lower power costs
  • Low maintenance - minutes per month
  • Fast installation, in most cases one day
  • Two-year warranty on the tank and all tank components


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